Here at Ambertek, our team of barcode and printer specialists help identify and apply hand picked warehouse solutions to maximize your business efficiency.

The goal of any warehouse is to control the movement and storage of goods in the most efficient manner possible. The days of pen and paper are gone. Software driven warehouse management solutions allow you to incorporate real-time data capture, automation and printing technologies into your warehouse infrastructure. The common warehouse tasks of finished goods inventory management, directed picking and put-away, replenishment, packaging , and supply chain logistics can all be optimized to save time to make for greater profits.

Boost worker productivity in your warehouse by 14 percent* with the all new rugged TC8000 mobile computer. Capable of withstanding repetitive drops to concrete from up to 8 feet as well as a wide range of temperatures. The devices revolutionary design minimizes the ‘tilt and verify’ motion required to interact with the device and your legacy Terminal Emulation application, the TC8000 delivers revolutionary productivity gains — one more hour, per worker, per shift.

Ultra rugged scanners are built for Warehouse and Distribution, Manufacturing Plant Floor and Outdoor Yard and Terminal and rugged outdoor retail use cases. These verticals have a rich history of demanding that their equipment survive in punishing industrial environments, and an ultra rugged scanner is the best for the job.

To keep your critical operations running smoothly, you need high-performance industrial printing systems that can stand the test of time, both physically and technologically. Next-generation operational visibility, control and adaptability to meet your evolving needs, with the rugged durability and 24/7 reliability you expect.