In today’s age of endless choices, customers want what they want – and they want it now. Ambertek provides the most effective hardware to effectively advertise and mange inventory. With our retail solution, you can exceed customer expectations, maximize omnichannel capabilities, and boost efficiency, productivity and profitability. Work with professionals in strategic, innovative, retail-specific solutions and gain the kind of visibility that enables your retail operation to win now and in the future.

Incorporated extensive customer feedback, as well as the legacy our family of printers come with elegant space-saving design, effortless setup, intuitive user operation, and ease of service and maintenance for a retail space.

Ambertek can provide solutions is loaded with features that take scanning performance and simplicity to the next level for faster-than-ever checkout in cashier-manned and self-checkout lanes, increased cashier productivity and point of sale (POS) throughput — and a better shopping experience.

Provide flexible, area-imaging scanners engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D barcodes.