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Zebra RFID from Ambertek

Say goodbye to unreliable RFID; Ambertek Systems has partnered with Zebra to provide the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID products for maximum accuracy and compatibility. With the ability to connect all of your devices on one, cohesive platform, your operations will be elevated as you retain full control of every aspect of your enterprise.


Increased Visibility

With reliable RFID, you can enjoy increased visibility into your operations. From systems and workers to devices and tags, RFID technology allows you to monitor the location of assets throughout your enterprise. With this enhanced visibility, you can quickly resolve issues that may arise due to poor organization, misplaced materials, and other oversights, as well as make quick decisions or changes with ease. 

Increased Productivity

Asset tracking through RFID technology allows your workforce to maximize its productivity. With little effort, RFID tags can be read from anywhere for easy locating and status updates, so that you and your workers are never in the dark. This ability eliminates the need for workers to manually scan individual barcodes or search for misplaced items, allowing them to spend their energy on more important processes. With Zebra, you can connect every device, asset, and worker into one, cohesive platform, elevating performance and automating processes for maximum productivity.


Reduce Theft & Loss

With the increased visibility provided by RFID technology, you can combat theft and minimize loss. No matter where products are in the supply chain, RFID allows you to track and confirm deliveries as they happen. This leaves little room for foul play. By tracking your assets in real time, you can avoid maldistribution, theft, loss, among many other costly issues. With a reliable and trustworthy Zebra support team, you can implement in confidence.

RFID Readers

RFID readers enable your employees to gather data and track assets quickly and accurately. A variety of models read radio frequency identification tags from close to long range in environments such as business or industrial. A primary benefit of RFID readers is the ability to minimize errors and labor costs associated with manual data entry and manual asset tracking. These devices are ergonomically designed for comfortable use throughout the day. 

RFID Printers

RFID printers equip you to tag a larger number of items or assets in a cost-effective way. These printing solutions have evolved to solve problems related to the use of thicker media and to prepare labels for use on glass or metal cylindrical-shaped items. RFID printer model options include high-volume throughput and all-metal construction in order to perform in extreme environments as well as on-demand tagging. Ambertek Solutions can help you find the right printer for your connectivity, encoding, and text font requirements. 

RFID Label & Tags

Ambertek Solutions can provide you with RFID labels and tags. We will help you find durable tags to suit your applications, your supply chain requirements, and your budget. Options include a variety of label and tag materials, including tags designed for use on metal items or items stored outdoors. Media in a range of sizes is suited for thermal transfer or direct transfer, and options for color printing are available.