Ruggidezed Tablets


Ruggedized tablets give your employees the freedom and flexibility of mobility with reliable performance and access to the applications they need.

Tablets have become a vital tool in a wide range of applications, including retail showrooms, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and logistics. Ambertek Solutions can provide you with the ruggedized tablets essential to delivering the durability, security, and flexibility your operations require

Ruggidized Tablets

There is a wide variety of ruggedized tablets that will allow you to find the right fit for your business. You can select from options that run the operating system you need, as well as from a range of screen sizes, storage capacities and processor speeds, to suit your applications. Ruggedized tablets offer a range of security protocols designed to suit industry regulations.

Unlike commercial tablets, ruggedized tablets are intended to withstand harsh commercial and enterprise environments. They are tested to withstand impact, rated for dust and water resistance, and are lightweight and easy to handle, making them comfortable for your employees to use. Many models feature swappable, rechargeable batteries to keep them operating throughout the day.

You can select from options with glove-enabled and daylight readable touchscreens as well as voice technology, barcode readers, magnetic strip readers, near field communication (NFC), camera, and Bluetooth.