Mobile Computers


Mobile computers give your employees the flexibility to accurately and efficiently collect data and complete transactions without having to return to a PC or workstation.

Mobile computers empower your team to access information, collect data, and complete business transactions away from a PC or workstation. They can make your operations run smoothly and efficiently, save time, and minimize errors associated with transferring data via manual processes. These devices are ruggedized to withstand tough environments — rated for dust and water resistance and able to withstand extreme temperatures, drops, and vibration. Quest offers mobile computers including handhelds, vehicle mounts, wearables, and RFID devices.

Hand Held Computers

The variety of handheld computer models allows you to choose the best features and options for your operations. You can select from different keypad configurations, wireless connectivity options, and operating systems — including models with cross-platform capabilities. Options for data capture, including barcode scanning and RFID, are also available. These computers are ruggedized for the harshest commercial or industrial environments, yet are ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue. They are designed for comfort and ease.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Give your vehicle operators access to desktop applications with vehicle mount computers. You can select from models with the desired operating system suitable for your applications, as well as options that support multi-operating systems. Vehicle mount mobile computers can be configured with full screens or half-screens, and can include integrated GPS and image capture. Their thin design facilitates mounting and use in a vehicle, and several mounting options are also available.

Wearable Computers

Wearable computers can help move materials through your warehouse or other operations more quickly, by keeping your employees’ hands free to handle materials and their eyes on the job. These rugged wearable computers deliver the reliable performance you need in these fast-paced environments. Many models feature voice and data compatibility to help you maximize efficiency and accuracy. Wearable computer accessories include headsets and cordless scanners, and you can choose from hip- or wrist-mounted configurations.