Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanning


Bar code scanners facilitate efficient, accurate data capture when and where you need it. There is a variety of scanners to choose from for your specific industry and application.

Bar code technology can help your processes move more smoothly, allow you to respond to customers more quickly, give you greater visibility into your inventory, reduce errors, and increase employee efficiency. Today’s wide variety of commercial and industrial bar code scanners includes options designed for specific applications such as manufacturing and supply chain, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and retail. In addition, there are several types of scanners you can choose from depending on your operations: general purpose, wireless, fixed-mount, and 2D bar code scanners.

General Purpose Scanners

General purpose bar code scanners enable your employees to capture bar codes ranging from everyday UPC codes to high density bar codes used on small items — all from a wide range of scanning distances. General purpose scanners feature durable construction such as scratch-resistant displays and the ability to withstand drops, making sure they provide reliable operation in a variety of settings. They also give you the flexibility to integrate with a variety of host systems

Fixed Scanners

Fixed-mount scanners facilitate high-volume, high-speed, hands-free scanning for applications such as point of sale, driver’s license scanning, still images, kiosks, turnstiles, and conveyors. Fixed-mount scanners are designed for both general purpose and rugged environments and come in a range of sizes, including compact to accommodate space constraints. Fixed-mount scanners are available in horizontal, vertical, and omnidirectional configurations. Both laser and imaging scanners are available in fixed-mount models. This makes scanning faster and ideal for point-of-sale retail applications.

Wireless Scanners

Wireless scanners give you all the benefits of other scanners — but with cordless convenience. This flexibility allows your team to scan where it makes the most sense to your operation — rather than trying to bring items or cartons to the scanner. Ergonomic design makes wireless scanners comfortable and easy to aim for a good scan. A variety of connectivity options as well as battery and charging options keep wireless scanners operating throughout each shift. 


2D Bar Code Scanners

2D bar code scanners read two-dimensional barcodes, unlocking the wealth of information that they can hold while streamlining your operations and eliminating errors associated with manual processes. These scanners also provide the flexibility to read 1D bar codes at any angle and from a wide working range. Both general purpose and rugged models are available. Options also include laser or imaging scanners, available in handheld, fixed-mount, and wireless configurations.


Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners

When it comes to capturing barcodes in the warehouse and on the manufacturing production line, every second counts — speed and accuracy are directly related to workforce productivity, your throughput and the quality of your products and customer service. With our line of rugged ultra-barcode scanners, your workforce won't have to worry about the longevity of their barcode scanners and focus more on the speed and accuracy of their data capture.