Products serviced by Ambertek Systems, Inc. or an authorized service agent are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of thirty (30) days, or the remainder of the original warranty period – whichever is greater. Original spare parts purchased from either Ambertek Systems, Inc. carry a thirty (30) day warranty, against manufacturing defects, covering the parts only, not labor to install them, commencing from the date of purchase from Ambertek Systems, Inc. This warranty entitles the owner to the following: The supply and replacement of any faulty parts acknowledged to be made with defective material; and, the labor required to change and/or repair such parts, only if the parts were installed by Ambertek Systems, Inc., or an authorized service agent of Ambertek Systems, Inc.. If a fault does develop during the warranty period, to make a claim, the item/s must have a fault that was part of the original repair.

Example – If Ambertek Systems, Inc. replaced a faulty fan on a printer, and it developed a fault with the same printer within thirty (30) days, Ambertek will replace and/or repair the printer. However, if a separate component fails, Ambertek Systems, Inc. will not repair the printer under warranty, if not requested, or if Ambertek did not repair the issue. Ambertek is not responsible for intermitting failures. If the hardware does not exhibit the error condition during the service call a second service call might be required. Intermitting error can be the result of facility power related issues. Ambertek Systems, Inc. shall not be responsible, and the above warranties against defects shall be null and void, in circumstances including the following:

  • Wear and Tear: Any parts that wear out as part of normal operation (ie. Printheads, batteries, keypads, maintenance kits, roller platens or any other parts of your item that have been subject to wear and tear)
  • Modifications: Any modifications or repairs or dismantling that has not been carried out by Ambertek Systems, Inc., or an authorized service agent of Ambertek Systems, Inc.. Any defects arising from any alterations that have changed the design or performance from that originally supplied by Ambertek Systems, Inc.
  • Misuse and/or Damage: Any defect resulting from user negligence, misuse, abuse or using outside of specifications (ie. voltage/power or any damage caused by user misuse, or any other misuse or damage) • Environmental Conditions: Any defects resulting from dust, salt, sand, liquid ingress, ink, toner, power surge, or other Acts of nature.
  • Reporting: Failure to report warranty defects within a timely manner and then submitting them for repair as soon as possible. If the item is uneconomical or impractical to repair, Ambertek will advise the owner and replace the item with the same or similar item in a similar condition.

MSR   Minimum Service Required If all recommended parts and service is not approved on the original service call the printer and service will carry no warranty. If any part of the hardware fails either connected or not connected to the original repair a new service call with labor and parts can be scheduled at fair market value.

EOL   End Of Life Some equipment serviced is end of life and carry no warranty and is recommended to be replaced with current models.